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Never give your pet human pain medications unless you consult with our doctors first!

Pain Management

BPPH is at the cutting edge of providing management of acute, chronic, and surgical pain. Our veterinarians and technicians have taken over 100 combined hours of pain management continuing education in the past 3 years alone. We employ a multimodal system of pain control, using medication that acts at the site of the pain (ie anti-inflammatories), drug that decrease pain perception in the brain (such as narcotics), and newer medications that increase dopamine levels and increase the animal’s general state of euphoria, or well-being.

Our surgical patients also receive several forms of pain medication in addition to sedation or anesthesia. We also use local or regional nerve blocks (such as epidurals) when indicated. Most of our surgical patients also receive therapeutic laser treatment after the procedure. Therapeutic laser is a safe and effective way to improve healing in acute and chronic (eg arthritis) pain, by providing an energy source to the damaged cells in region.

BPPH employs the services of Dr. Mark LaVallie, a human chiropractor who is also licensed to provide chiropractic care in animals. Dr. LaVallie sees patients at BPPH every other Wednesday morning. Check out this link to learn more.