Dedicated to every pet. Every time.

Friendly, Attentive Boarding for Dogs, Cats, Small Mammals, and Pocket Pets: Serving Brooklyn Park, MN and Surrounding Communities

We pride ourselves in the personal attention we give to each of our boarding guests!

Whether you’re going on vacation and need a hotel for your loved one or you just need someone to look after your pet for a few hours while you run some errands, we offer daytime and overnight boarding services for dogs, cats, small mammals, and pocket pets.

Typical daily schedule

7 AM – 8 AM Greet, Play and Eat: At this time, pets enjoy greeting the staff in the morning with hugs and kisses. They then run outside in a fenced yard.  They can even play with other friends who are staying with us if they wish. After, they come in for a meal and treats.

9 AM – 10 AM Nap Time: A nap and rest time, letting those full tummies from breakfast digest.

11 AM – 12 PM Activity Time: More time to run and play with friends. On warmer days, pool time fun is had by all. If the pool is not appealing, ball tossing, frisbee flying and tail wagging is done! Treat filled ice cubes are given.

1 PM – 2 PM Quiet Time:  Naps are taken!

3 PM – 4 PM Play and Potty: More potty opportunities and friend get togethers are enjoyed. With possible paw painting, laser tag and filled Kong® toys.

5 PM – 6 PM Dinner Bell: Chow time, hugs, kisses, and treats!

6 PM – 7 PM Outside Time and Get Tucked In: Your pet will have one last spin around the yard and quiet time will begin for a nice, comfy sleep until the fun begins the next day!

Boarding Reservation Policies

Vaccination Requirements:

All animals must have had a complete physical examination within the past 12 months with us or at your own veterinary care center and be current on the following:

Dogs: Rabies, DA2PP, Bordetella, negative fecal exam, negative heartworm test

Cats: Rabies, PRC, negative FeLV test, negative fecal exam


All boarders are fed iVet® Canine Digestive Support diet. If you wish your pet be fed something else, or he/she is on a special prescription diet, please bring their food with them.

Boarding Options and Prices

Doggy Day Care (day only):

Only need your pet watched for a few hours? Drop them off with us for the day! Single day boarders can be dropped off or picked up any time during regular business hours.


Dog Overnight:

Personalized play time, tons of treats, hugs & kisses, text updates

Baths and/or nail trims available for additional fee – ask for details

$45.00 per night

Cat Overnight:

Pets & purrs, treats, hugs & kisses, text updates

Litter boxes are provided and changed multiple times during the day as needed.

Nail trims available for additional fee – ask for details

$30.00 per night

Special Medical Overnight:

If your pet has special necessities, we can accommodate most situations.

$55.00 per night


Please bring their own diet, blankets and/or towels, cage, food, and water bowls/bottles.

$25.00 per night first pet ~ $10.00 per additional pet housed in the same cage

Small Mammals (ferrets, hamsters, guinea pigs):

Please bring their own diet, blankets and/or towels, cage, food, and water bowls/bottles.

$25.00 per night first pet ~ $10.00 per additional pet housed in the same cage

All rabbits and small mammal pocket pets need to come with fresh veggies. Failure to bring enough for their stay will result in additional charges.

All boarding fees are subject to sales tax. Boarding space in limited; we suggest you schedule your reservations as early as possible. Please give 24 hours’ notice for any cancellations or date changes.

Boarding FAQ

Will my pet just sit in a kennel all day long?

No. Your pet will be able to go out in the fenced in yard that is available multiple times a day. Your pet will also get to have play time with other visitors if permitted.

Can I bring anything from home for my pet?

Yes. We provide all the necessities, but you may bring your pet’s favorite toys, blankets, or belongings with to make them feel more comfortable while staying with us. We are not responsible for damaged items, such as chewed blankets, but if you pet would prefer a bed, toy, or something from home, feel free to bring it along.

What if my pet gets sick or injured during their stay?

We are always looking out for your pet’s health. If the need arises, any problems will be referred to the doctor for examination and charged accordingly. We will try to contact you at your emergency contact phone number prior to any treatment; however, if we are unable to reach you, we will begin medication and/or treatments.

Will my two pets be able to be together?

Yes. We can accommodate.

Is there a discount if I am boarding two or more pets and they are kenneled together?

No. We do not offer this at this time.

When the clinic is closed, is my pet left alone in the kennel when no one is in the building and not taken care of?

No. When we are closed, a kennel assistant comes in multiple times to feed, medicate, and play with your pet.

Current Boarding Special Offers

Frequent stay club:

Stay overnight 7 different times and receive $10 off your 8th overnight stay!

One per pet. Expires 1 year after start date.

Referral program:

Receive a free night stay for referring a friend for boarding!



This veterinarian is the best pet hospital I have ever been to & I have been to at least a dozen in 3 different states. They treat you the way they would treat their own & have compassion for the owners when you lose a pet. They never suggest procedures that don't need to be done & will tell you whether it makes sense to do something or not.

The grooming at BP Pet Hospital is exceptional! I had a cocker spaniel that was extremely difficult to groom & had been banned from at least 8 groomers, however, this place was able to groom her and said she wasn't that bad. I would give 10 stars if I could. 

Michele Matthias


The staff is incredibly friendly. They have options for Wellness Plans where you pay monthly to cover your pet's annual exams, vaccinations, and tests. Their groomer, Sabrina, does a wonderful job for a very reasonable price. They also offer boarding which is super convenient and gives a lot of peace of mind knowing that if something happens to our dogs while we are out of town, they have professional care on site.

Abby Hammes

I trust Brooklyn Park Pet Hospital 100%. My three kitties have all been treated here. The staff is super friendly, and they are reasonably priced. They do a great job caring for this crew, and we are very pleased to call BBPH our vet.

Stefanie Schmid


Dr. Stromberg was able to diagnose my pitbull of his skin condition that many other vets missed and help us stay on top of his ear infections and absolutely is amazing with him and our newest puppy, and was able to squeeze him in on extremely short notice for an issue he was having that couldn’t wait until tomorrow. Dr. Stromberg is the reason we keep coming back! She is extremely knowledgable, easy to talk to, and doesn’t judge the animal based on breed, which a lot of other vets we have been to in the past do. I would highly recommend going to her. Most of the other staff there are amazing as well. Very personable. Grateful we found her!

Heather Schoener, Local Guide


Thank you to the wonderful staff at the BPPH for helping me with my kitty. They made me feel good about the choice I made to put my cat down. They were super patient and let me take my time saying goodbye to my girl. They were very understanding of how I was feeling & how hard it was for me to do that. Thank you! I will be coming back when I choose to get another pet. 10/10

Jessica Miller

Great staff that takes great care of our pets

Greg Bunce, Local Guide