Dedicated. Friendly. Reliable. Caring.

Brooklyn Park Pet Hospital cares for both sick and well pets, including dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits and small mammals. Our services include wellness exams and vaccines, diagnosis and treatment of sick pets, and dental and surgical procedures.

Puppy Wellness

Make sure your new puppy is happy and healthy with physical exams, vaccines, dental care, spaying and neutering, and more.

Kitten Wellness

Make sure your new kitten is happy and healthy with physical exams, vaccines, dental care, litter box recommendations,  and more.

Adult Pet Wellness

Keep your companion healthy and help detect hidden diseases or conditions early with routine check-ups.

Senior Pet Wellness

As your pet ages, it’s recommended they receive extra care in addition to their annual physical examination.

Wellness Plans

Discover unique and affordable plans that conveniently spread the cost of preventative care over 12 months.


Improve your pet’s health with daily brushing and yearly professional cleanings.

Small Mammals

Ensure that your small companion receives quality veterinary care throughout its life.


We can perform a variety of effective and non-elective surgeries on your pet.


Take preventative care measures or schedule a behavior consultation for major or minor behavior issues.


Help maintain the health of your pet through nutrition and a well-balanced diet designed to match their life stage.

End of Life

End-of-life services that prioritize the comfort, support, dignity, and emotional well-being of your pet.

Additional Services and Resources

From educational materials to referral specialists, we’ll make sure that your pet gets the treatment they need.