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Laboratory Services

The majority of the blood samples that we draw are sent to Marshfield Laboratory for analysis. This is a large, locally operated lab that provides services for both human and animal patients. They employ the latest in technology and are staffed with board certified veterinary pathologists. We can be confident that the tests that we send out are accurate and at a competitive price.

Although sending samples out to a commercial laboratory is more cost-effective, sometimes we need results right away. We pride ourselves in our ability to utilize a variety of tools to diagnose disease. Our technical staff is trained to analyze fecal samples for parasites, urine samples to detect infection or crystals, and to perform complete blood counts to check for abnormalities in the red and white cells. We can also run biochemical analysis on serum using our in-house laboratory analyzer. These tests help us to make a diagnosis on a sick pet, often within 60 minutes of presentation.

To read more on what information each test value provides us with - choose the link below:

Common Bloodwork Descriptions