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Wellness Plans
Dedicated to every pet. Every time.

A New and Affordable Way To Care For Your Pet!

We believe proactive preventative care will not only improve the quality of your pet’s life but also will add years to it. Our Wellness Plans provide disease prevention and early diagnosis. Each plan is unique and affordable and the cost of preventative care is conveniently spread over 12 months. The plans cover all exams throughout the year, core vaccinations, age appropriate screening lab testing and a year supply of heartworm and flea and tick prevention.  The plans are NOT intended to treat unforeseen accidents, injury or illness, which would be covered as an out-of-pocket expense or through your pet health insurance plan. Your Wellness Plan is a special relationship between you and your veterinarian to help take the financial worry out of caring for your pet. Enroll today, and you’ll know that you’re helping your pet live a longer, healthier and happier life with an established pet health wellness program.

Click on the age appropriate link below for more details on each plan!


Puppy Wellness Plan

Adult Canine Wellness Plans

Senior Canine Wellness Plans (10 years of age or older)


Kitten Wellness Plan

Adult Feline Wellness Plans

Senior Feline Wellness Plans (10 years of age or older)

Ask a staff member for details on how you sign up!