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Not all problems can be diagnosed on physical exam alone. BPPH uses digital radiography to take x-ray images when necessary. These images are immediately uploaded for a board-certified radiologist to interpret. The veterinarians at BPPH can give a preliminary diagnosis immediately, and the final diagnosis is usually available within one business day. We are one of the few hospitals in the area that have all of our radiographs read by a specialist, and at no additional fee. This greatly improves accuracy of this test. An additional benefit of digital radiography (as opposed to traditional film) is that we can email or burn a cd of the images immediately to send to a specialist or give to the owner.

We also use digital radiography in all of our dental patients. Dental x-rays provide a huge benefit, as much of dental disease is below the gumline. Dental x-rays also allow us to plan extractions and ensure that all of the roots were removed. More information can be found on our dental link.