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What do we feed our pets?

February 23, 2017
by Jami Stromberg, DVM
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I often get asked what pet food I feed my own pets. My answer is an honest one – Hill's Prescription Feline Metabolic Diet for my cats, because one of the three needs some help losing weight, and iVet Grain Free Salmon for my border collie. I don’t feed a grain free food because I am a fan of grain free foods – in fact I believe that grain free is a marketing tool (and a very successful one!) that taps into our fear of gluten. I feed the iVet Grain Free Salmon because my dog loves salmon. He is a picky eater and this is one food that he will willingly eat. I guess he jumped onto the grain free bandwagon too.

I polled the staff members here at BPPH to see what they feed their pets. Here are the results:

iVet – 5
Science Diet (including Healthy Advantage) – 4
Natural Balance – 1
Nature’s Recipe – 1
Kirkland – 1
Authority – 1
Friskies - 1
Prescription food (mainly Hill's Prescription Science Diet) – 11

The majority of our employee-owned pets are on iVet and Science Diet in part because we stock both diets at the clinic (and therefore it is easy and convenient for us) and partly because we trust in these companies to provide safe, consistent, healthy food for our animals.