Staff Spotlight: Karrie

by BPPH Staff

On more than one occasion, we have had clients tell us how much they appreciate the staff here at the Brooklyn Park Pet Hospital.  Here at BPPH, we have a unique advantage with the loyalty and longevity of our team members.  7 of the 12 employees on staff have been here close to 10 years or more and over half of them for 15 years or more.  This speaks volumes to the level of dedication that we can give to every pet, every time.  In an effort to let you get to know the staff even better, we will start highlighting staff members and what each person uniquely brings to the hospital.

Today marks the 20th anniversary for one of our veterinary assistants, Karrie.  Karrie started working part time after school in 1994 and has molded that job into her career.  She is in charge of our boarding department and makes sure everyone’s stay here is the best that it can be.  She has a loving heart for abandoned or homeless animals and has fostered pets on many occasions.  She is the person who will make sure your pet is receiving the best care with the least amount of stress they can coming into an environment that can often be scary and anxiety filled for pets.  She helps with monthly puppy parties and if there is an extra project or procedure that needs to get done, we can always count on her.  Karrie is also our go to person for giving tours to clients or daycare/school age classes that want to learn more about the veterinary field.  Thanks Karrie for the 20 years; Your dedication and love for animals is hard to beat!