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Safety First!

October 2, 2013
by Jami Stromberg, DVM
Image for Safety First!

BPPH, like most veterinary clinics, requires that all pets be restrained when they come into the building. Why? Even the most docile pet can become agitated or scared in the veterinary environment. They can be anxious from the car ride, when entering the clinic they smell and hear things they are not used to, they may be not feeling well or in pain, or they may remember the nail trim or vaccine that was given the last time they were here! Most pets will hunker down when anxious, but some will lash out, even at their owners. This is especially true of cats, which can lose all self-control when their anxiety level reaches a certain point. They will claw and bite at anyone, even their owners. All dogs should be on a leash (6 feet or less) or in a carrier. All cats should be in a carrier.

What if I don’t have a leash or carrier? We would be happy to provide one for you! We have free leashes for dogs, and loaner carriers for cats. In addition, you can purchase a cardboard cat carrier for only $5. You should think of the safety of you and your pet. A cat loose in a car can jump on the driver or under the gas and brake pedals. There are reports of car accidents cause by cats distracting the driver. During the transport from the car to the clinic, we have seen cats jump out of their owner’s arms and run away. We have also seen cats bite or claw their owners when entering the building. Why take the chance?

Jami Stromberg, DVM