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Meet Dr. Erika Nordgren!

November 7, 2014
by BPPH Staff
Image for Meet Dr. Erika Nordgren!

We have a new addition the the BPPH team!!


Dr. Erika Nordgren grew up in Minneapolis and received her undergraduate degree in Animal Science from the University of Minnesota. She continued her education at the University of Minnesota and graduated from the College of Veterinary Medicine in 2005. She started her career by working at a small animal practice in Brooklyn Park for several years, then worked at a clinic in Chaska for 6 years.

She lives in Eden Prairie with a family that includes dogs, cats, turtles, frogs, rats, and fish. She spends her spare time inventing new ways to keep her pitbull out of the trash can and trying to keep her cats from knocking things off the counters.

Her favorite things about being a vet are getting to work with cats and dogs everyday, problem-solving, finding practical solutions to keep pets and owners happy, and knowing when to worry about her own pets. Her least favorite things about being a vet are giving bad news, always worrying about other people's pets, and trying to keep her lab coats clean.

Make an appointment and come in and meet Dr. Nordgren today!