How much is this going to cost?

by Lora Steiner, CVT

I invite you to read the following statements; can you relate to any of them?

  • “I live on a fixed income, and I’d like to have a better idea of how much my dog’s annual visits are going to be so I can budget for it.”
  • "I think my veterinarian wants to provide the best medical care for my pet, but we have limited means, and sometimes we feel badly that we can’t always afford what is recommended.”
  • “Considering the economy, I wish that veterinary care was more in line with my pocketbook. I need to be able to save money, but still feel like I’m doing what’s best for my pet.”
  • “I find myself stuck between caring appropriately for my pets on one side, and justifying to my spouse all the vet expenses on the other.”

We at the Brooklyn Park Pet Hospital recognize and understand all the above concerns and want to be able to help you provide the best you can for your pets.  We are now offering Wellness Plans as an option to help you budget your pet’s preventative health care.  Predictable and affordable monthly payments spread out over 12 months can help alleviate some of the financial burden that can all too often be felt when trying to make sure your pet is getting all the proper care they need.  Our Wellness Plans are designed to cover ALL exams throughout the year, core vaccinations, age appropriate screening lab testing (including heartworm testing and fecal exam testing), dental cleaning with x-rays, a year supply of heartworm prevention and seasonal supply of flea and tick prevention.  We also offer plans for puppies and kittens as their needs differ slightly.  Check out this link to our Wellness Plan page to read more about what each plan covers and find which one works for your pet.

Now for a new question I want to ask:

How do free exams for a year sound to you? 

Good!?!  I thought so – give us a call to sign up for a Wellness Plan and it can be a reality!

Lora, CVT
Practice Manager