Has Your Kitten Been to Preschool?

by Lori, CVT

BPPH is now offering Kitty Preschool!

This is a special class for owners and their kittens ages 7 to 14 weeks to come learn about socializing, handling, grooming, feeding, and litter box management. 

It is fun to watch the kittens romp and play as we learn about what makes life better for cats.  This is a hands-on class.  Be prepared to get a little dirty (in a kitty kind of way).

The class meets monthly on the 3rd Wednesday each month from 6-7pm.  Bring your happy and healthy kitten that has been tested negative for the feline leukemia virus and is current on vaccinations for an hour of fun. 

All kittens should arrive in a carrier for their safety.  Find out the importance of kitty crates; they aren’t just for travel. 

Does your kitty plan to stay inside always? Learn about how they can hunt inside and nurture that natural instinct.

If you have recently adopted a kitten, please give us a call and plan to come to our next school day.  Even if you have an older kitten, you can come without your older baby and learn some valuable information.

As with all of our socialization classes, Kitty Preschool is free of charge!