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I just wanted to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude to you and your amazing staff.  Everyone there is so professional and compassionate.  When Maggie got to the end of her road, Dr. Erika was very caring and aware of our needs and feelings.  Over the years we have depended on and trusted you and your staff with our girls' care.  And she loved everyone there!
                                           Deb & Chuck Stano


I had a wonderful experience at BPPH with my elderly cat. The staff were friendly, helpful and informative and treated the both of us with the utmost care and respect. I will be returning with my other kitty! Thanks Dr. Nordgren!
                                           Brittney Larson


Thanks Dr. Stromberg for taking such incredibly good care of my family. CJ went to his chiropractor today to be adjusted after his neuter surgery. His chiropractor had nothing but praise for the staff at BPPH. She said she has never had a long backed dog come to her after surgery and not be out of alignment, until CJ.
                                           Sue Goetzke


We found Brooklyn Park Pet Hospital after a terrible experience at another local vet. We've been with them now through good times and bad with our cats. Through it all they have been compassionate and professional always giving advice with the best interests of both us and our pets in mind. I highly recommend our new friends at Brooklyn Park Pet Hospital for your furry family members.
                                            Kelly Van Eschen


Dr. Stromberg and BPPet Hospital Staff,
We want to thank you so much for your compassion during this hard time and for all the amazing care Boo received from all of you.  It’s evident that you care not only for the animals for the animals you work, but for their human families too!
                                           Thank you,
                                           Krista Frechette and Alicia Fischer


Thanks to you and your staff for taking such good care of Mollie.  She’s doing well, eating and drinking normally.  Keep warm and keep up the good work.
                                           Bonnie Moylan


To BPPH Staff,
Thank you for helping us stay healthy.
                                            Baby and Jacob


Dr. Jami, Kathy, Rosie and crew,
Thank you for being a great team in our hour of need.
                                           Jason and Jeff


To the Brooklyn Park Pet Hospital Staff,
Thanks to all of you for the years of care and compassion you have shown to my 2 cats, Cali and Rafiki, and to me.  Years ago Cali started to limp, then that weekend I broke my Arm.  This last December she stopped eating, at the same time I got the flu, and couldn’t eat.  It seems they are truly sensitive to us, and she let me know it was time to go.    I am missing both my cats, but I know through the years they were shown love at your clinic.  I am also thankful for all the extras you have done to ease my grief, the card, calling me and the clay paw print.  I appreciate all you have done for Cali, Rafiki and me, these past 19 years.
                                        God’s blessing to each of you,
                                        Deb Dunstone


Dear Dr. Christopher and Staff,
Thanks for the sympathy card and grief literature. I’m so glad we got a biscuit with Teddy’s paw print and also a card with his paw print.  I like the two poems in the grief literature pack.  I like the rainbow connection poem.  I think that Teddy was euthanized with dignity and respect and he went peacefully.  We sure miss him.  He was a wonderful friend and pet. 
                                        Thanks again
                                        Susan Little